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AOM 2020 Virtual Career Fair

August 10-11

  • Employer Presentations
  • Candidates Q&A

August 12-14

  • Interviews

The AOM Annual Meeting Career Fair will be virtual this August, which means that for the first time, faculty recruiters, search committees, HR directors, and deans will be making presentations to and interviewing with qualified candidates wherever they are.

For candidates, whether you're a seasoned academic looking to advance your career or a PhD student looking for your first job, this is a great opportunity to take control of your career and find that perfect position! Last August, interviewers from 125 schools met with over 700 qualified candidates.

To assist candidates in their job searches, the AOM Career Services Committee will host a workshop to review academic job-search dos and don'ts, discuss the 2020 academic employment market, and take questions from candidates.

For employers, you may choose to interview, present, or do both. On August 10-11, your team can schedule information presentations to candidates about your school—faculty expectations, teaching loads, tenure process*, etc.--and respond to candidate questions in real-time. On August 12-14, remote interviewing commences with candidates you've previously identified and invited to interview, and with those who've requested an interview with your school that you've accepted.

So you can focus on 'Best fit' candidates first, there are screening tools available to view candidate CVs and schedule interviews before the fair begins. As this year no interviewing will take place in-person, the typical constraints on candidate participation, e.g., the time and money required to attend AOM's Annual Meeting, are 'virtually' eliminated. A larger and more diverse candidate pool is anticipated, including 'passive' candidates, those open to new opportunities but not, until now, actively seeking them.

Here's How It Works

All open positions are posted on the AOM Jobs Board. Candidates interested in one or more positions must register, submit their CV, and indicate their intention to participate in the Career Fair. This will enable employers to identify candidates, view their CVs, and, should they choose to, invite them to schedule an interview. Candidates will also be able to request interviews with employers and set job alerts. (Note: Candidates should check back often since some employers won’t know if they have open positions until mid-July.)

On August 10-11, some employers will have scheduled presentations about their school including information about faculty expectations, teaching loads, tenure process, etc.--and respond to candidate questions in real-time.

On August 12-14, remote video interviewing with employers commence for those candidates with scheduled appointments.

Be Prepared

During the Fair, members of the AOM Career Services Committee will have their own virtual room to provide guidance to candidates about the interview process, stage practice interviews, and prepare participants for salary negotiation.

How Candidates can Participate

How Employers can Participate

  • Open an account or log-in here for the virtual career fair.
  • Post your job(s).
  • Choose the Virtual Career Fair option and add all interviewers to your Career Services account.
  • View candidate CVs, etc., and begin scheduling interviews.


NOTE: As always, AOM membership is required to participate in AOM2020. Conference registration is required to access the meeting platform. The registration rate for this year is set at $200US for academic and executive members and $100US for students and emeritus members. This rate is designed to offset the costs of the meeting platform for virtual program delivery. Registration will open soon but hundreds of members have already converted their physical meeting registration to the virtual event.

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