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Each division or interest group has responsibility for administering its awards program. Awards at this level are presented at the business meeting of the division or interest group, or another venue considered appropriate by the unit initiating the award. Visit your division or interest group website for information on specific awards and procedures, or refer to this recent list of divisions and interest group award webpages.

Divisions and Interest Groups award webpages:


Conflict Management

Critical Management Studies


Gender and Diversity in Organizations

Health Care Management

Human Resources

International Management 

Management Consulting

Management, Education, and Development

Management Spirituality and Religion

Managerial and Organizational Cognition

Operations and Supply Chain Management

Organization and Management Theory

Organization Development and Change

Organizational Behavior

Organizational Communications and Information Systems

Organizations and the Natural Environment

Public and Nonprofit

Research Management

Social Issues in Management

Strategic Management

Strategizing Activities and Practices

Technology and Innovation Management

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