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Comments from our Contributors

Comments from our Contributors

"AMD does precisely what all the journals should do, and…does it exceptionally well. Which is precisely why I sent my work to it, and talk about it all the time to colleagues… I love the journal so much I think of it as a first choice for new work."

–Jeffrey Pfeffer

"We are so excited about this paper, entitled, 'Rediscovering Handoffs'. It helps fill in the 'so what' about whole narrative-network perspective that Martha Feldman and I been working on for a long time. This review process really moved our thinking along a LOT. We are grateful for your help in all this."

–Brian T. Pentland
Director, Center for Business and Social Analytics
Main Street Capital Partners Endowed Professor

"We have worked for quite a while (years) on this manuscript and always believed there was an important story to be told based on our data. It seems that there wasn't a good fit with journals that focus more heavily on theory until AMD was launched. I've heard similar experiences from other researchers, underscoring the importance of an outlet such as AMD.

We are very happy with the opportunity to publish our article in AMD and I look forward to working on the media enhancements."

–Lieke ten Brummelhuis

"Frank and I are very proud to contribute to the establishment of AMD as one of the most innovative journals in our field. We are really looking forward to developing the multimedia features and can't wait to use them for instance in the classroom when discussing our and other papers with students."

–Christopher Wickert and Frank de Bakker

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