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The Academy of Management Perspectives (AMP) publishes symposia that address important issues concerning management and business. A distinctive aspect of AMP articles is a focus on evidence rather than the development of theory. The journal publishes work that synthesizes and translates theoretical and empirical research such as reviews of what we already know; integration of diverse theories and empirical findings that inform in a new and interesting way; forward-looking expositions that integrate and articulate existing theory and findings with new and provocative ideas; and integration of theory and research in management with related advances in other non-management sciences and disciplines. We are calling for new symposia ideas that meet these types of work.  Symposia consists of 4 to 6 papers discussing a well-defined topic.  Unlike special issues, contributions to symposia are vetted by the symposium organizer, and curated so they complement each other.  Examples of topics include, but are not limited to, advances in the neuroscience of decision making, business strategies from data science, the impact of contingent labor force on organizational sustainability, the limits of private/public partnerships on organizational growth, and so on.

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