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The Academy of Management (AOM) is a leading professional association for scholars dedicated to creating and disseminating knowledge about management and organizations. Members are scholars at colleges, universities, and research institutions, as well as practitioners with scholarly interests from business, government, and not-for-profit organizations.


The Academy of Management holds the copyright to its six journals and the annual meeting proceedings, each of which broadly contributes to this objective while emphasizing a particular scholarly aspect of it. The Academy of Management grants permission to use its copyrighted articles for a variety of purposes. In general we recommend following the guideline, "When in doubt, obtain permission."

Please follow the links below to request permissions from Academy publications:

Rights Link Screen ShotAdditional requests can be sent directly to or to

The principles and guidelines of this permission document were derived from the Academy of Management's current permissions strategy and are consistent with the policies and procedures of other professional associations whose scientific principles are similar to ours. The mission of the Academy of Management is to disseminate the knowledge produced by its scholars. The Academy's goal is consistent with that of the APA, and "believes it is essential for publishers of scholarly and other proprietary material to develop an efficient and consistent system, based on mutual trust, for granting permissions for both electronic and print publication of proprietary works"

This document contains questions that to date have been frequently asked and will continue to evolve as we address new questions in the field of publishing.

The FAQ is divided into four sections:

  1. Questions applicable to AOM authors
  2. Questions for content reuse of AOM material (including questions for librarians and/or classroom reuse)
  3. Questions for international usage (including translations)
  4. Additional resources and Glossary of Terms

Permission is required for the following:

  • Republication of a table, figure, photograph, measure, scale, or instrument
  • Republication of full articles or book chapters to another work
  • One time translation of full article
  • Reproduction of articles for coursepacks, electronic coursepacks, distance-learning courses, electronic reserves
  • Consecutive text extracts of more than 400 words in an article or book chapter
  • Multiple text extracts that total more than 800 words per article or book chapter
  • Any one figure or table from any one article or book chapter
  • Reuse of content from the AOM website
  • Content essential to the integrity of the previously published article or book chapter when reuse could compromise the sale of the original AOM publication, including but not limited to text, figures and tables

Permission is NOT required for the following:

  • One time classroom usage [refer to FAQ question], including usage of AOM content in a dissertation as long as the dissertation is not sold for commercial distribution and/or monetary gain. Appropriate citation must be clearly given to the original work.
  • "Fair Use", [refer to FAQ question] broadly defined as use of small amounts of text (i.e. consecutive text of less than 400 words, or 800 words from a single article) for the purposes of criticism or comment of the article in question, provided that the new work (article or chapter) does not become a substitute for, or make the purchase unnecessary of the original copyrighted work. Citation to the original source must be provided.
  • Republication of materials published in the Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings. Appropriate citation to the original content must be clearly provided.
  • Republication of article abstracts. Appropriate citation to the original content must be clearly provided.
  • Authors of the original content in AOM publications do not need permission to:
    • Make and distribute copies, of all or part of the manuscript, for the Author(s), own use in teaching, research or for internal distribution within the institution/company that employs the Author(s), provided that such copies are not resold.
    • The right to use, after publication in the Journal, all or part of the material from the Work in a book or collection of works in which you or your co-authors are the sole Author or Editor of the new work.
    • The right, after publication of the journal, to post your manuscript to your individual website or personal university website.
  • Reproduction of AOM materials for use by blind or other people with disabilities. It is not an infringement of copyright for an authorized entity to reproduce or to distribute copies of a previously published work if such copies are reproduced or distributed in specialized formats exclusively for use by blind or other persons with disabilities.

The Academy of Management does NOT grant permission for the following:

  • Posting of full text AOM articles or book chapters to a commercial database.
  • Posting of full text AOM articles or book chapters to university or commercial electronic archives.
  • Republication or posting of AOM articles or book chapters to university compilations of material that showcase works created by university authors.
  • Unlimited distribution of Academy articles and book chapters via email or facsimile.
  • Posting of AOM articles or book chapters to a listserv.
  • Translation of more than more than three articles from a single issue of an AOM publication without the explicit written permission contract signed by the designated Academy of Management publisher representative.
  • For any of the following language in a permission request:
    • "all media"
    • "now known or hereafter devised"
    • "without limitation"
    • "on proprietary websites"

The Academy of Management may grant permission on a case-by-case basis for the following. In all cases below, explicit written permission must be obtained from the designated Academy of Management publisher representative. Please contact for details.

  • Posting of AOM articles or book chapters to the internet or intranet via a password protected website.
  • Limited distribution of Academy articles or book chapters via email.
  • Translation of AOM articles or book chapters on a continuous basis.

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