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The Research Briefs section of The Academy of Management Perspectives (AMP) features journalistic summaries of selected empirical research articles of interest to management scholars and practitioners. Research Briefs appear online only, not in the print edition. A goal of the Briefs section is to cast a wide net and highlight the latest research that appears outside of Academy of Management publications. Consequently, Research Briefs summarize articles--selected by the Research Briefs Editor--that appear in a wide range of top academic journals both inside and outside of the management mainstream (e.g., journals in economics, finance, management, public policy, psychology, sociology, and political science, among others). Research Briefs serve important needs for AMP’s audience and mission by broadening the research horizons of management scholars.


August 2015

The Payoff from Corporate Social Responsibility in China: Does the Political Context Manner?
Authors: Kathy Rehbein
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2015.0184

Emotional Intelligence: What's in a Name?
Authors: Stuart D. Sidle
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2015.0176

Gut Reactions or Deliberate Judgments: Which Improve Sales Performance?
Authors: Alexander T. Jackson and Satoris S. Culbertson
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2015.0174

Tending to Work During Family Time: At What Cost?
Authors: Satoris S. Culbertson
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2015.0173

Shared Leadership in Practice: When Does it Work Best?
Authors: Craig L. Pearce and Christina L. Wassenaar
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2015.0175

May 2015

Talking Strategy: Does it Make Senior Managers Vulnerable?
Authors: Clive Muir, Jiao Hao and Yunxia Zhu
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2015.0130

How Do Personality and Leadership Styles of Top Managers Influence Organization Effectiveness?
Authors: Anish Purkayastha and Vishal K. Gupta
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2015.0129

Do Diversity and Inclusion Help Drive Employee Engagement?
Authors: Clive Muir and Thomas Hoyland
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2015.0128

CEO Managerial Skills and Cost of Equity Capital: Is There a "Dark Side?"
Authors: Alka Gupta and Vishal K. Gupta
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2015.0127

February 2015

Does Having More Women on the Board Impact Firms' Acquisition Behavior?
Authors: Nikos Bozionelos and Marianne Afanassieva
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2015.0038

Why CEO's Resign: Poor Performance or Better Opportunities?
Authors: Nikos Bozionelos and Sumona Mukhuty
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2015.0039

How Does Conflict Impact Sales Team Performance?
Authors:David C. Wyld
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2015.0018

Do Internal Branding Efforts Help Ensure Positive Service Delivery Experiences?
Authors: David C. Wyld
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2015.0020

November 2014

Do Self-Presentation Tactics of Job Interviewees Vary Across Cultures?
Authors: Jean-Francois Coget
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2015.0003

Worrying About Work: What Contributes to Job Insecurity?
Authors: Satoris S. Culbertson
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2015.0004

Staying in the Moment: Does Leader Mindfulness Relate to Well-Being?
Authors: William S. Weyhrauch and Satoris S. Culbertson
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2015.0005

Deliberation, Intuition, or Both: What Helps Sales Professionals Adapt?
Authors: Hao Jiao, Dean B. McFarlin and Yunxia Zhu
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2015.0006 


August 2014

Leadership Gender, Performance and Governance in Microfinance Institutions: Is There a Connection?
Authors: Vishal Gupta and Alka Gupta
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2014.0129

Should Firms Create a New Human Resource Practices to Engage Millennials?
Authors: Stuart D. Sidle
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2014.0130

Collaboration in Geographically Dispersed Teams: What Kind of "Distance" Matters Most?
Authors: Hao Jiao, Dean B. McFarlin and Yunxia Zhu
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2014.0131

What Drives Executives to Make Socially Responsible Investments?
Authors: Kathleen Rehbein
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2014.0132 


May 2014

Cultural Diversity at the Top: Does it Increase Innovation and Firm Performance?
Authors: Nikos Bozionelos and Thomas Hoyland
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2014.0061

Getting Back into Work: What Helps and What Hinders?
Authors: Nikos Bozionelos and Rentao Miao
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2014.0062

How Firms Respond to an Ethical Lapse: Does Going the Extra Mile Matter?
Authors: Paul D. Sweeney
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2014.0063

Emerging Markets Go Organic: Does Organizational Culture Impact Market Responsiveness and Firm Performance?
Authors: Paul D. Sweeney
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2014.0064 


February 2014

Do Happier Employees Really Stay Longer?
Authors: David C. Wyld
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2014.0023

It's all in the Relationship: What Really Matters When it Comes to Managing Salespeople?
Authors: David C. Wyld
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2014.0022

How Do Boards Know when to Fire the CEO — And Does It Pay?
Authors: John A. Martin and James G. Combs
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2014.0024

Does Culture Influence Corporate Risk Taking?
Authors: Kathleen Rehbein
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2014.0025 


November 2013

Getting to Right: How Do Managers Make Good Decisions about Customers?
Authors: Clive Muir and Chad Jackson
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2013.0124

Do Transformational Leaders Ignite the Same Discretionary Behaviors in all Followers?
Authors: Mathias J. Simmons and Satoris S. Culbertson
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2013.0152

Do Social Comparisons Affect Individual Effectiveness in Teams?
Authors: Alexander T. Jackson and Satoris S. Culbertson
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2013.0153

Boundaryless Careers and the Gender Pay Gap: A Solution for Women?
Authors: Stuart Sidle
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2013.0154



August 2013

Can Firms Build an Innovation-Orientated Culture in Turbulent Environments?
Authors: Han Jiao and Yunxia Zhu
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2013.0105

Do Labor Markets Impact Whether Sick Employees Call in Sick?
Authors: Nikos Bozionelos and Jian-Min Sun
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2013.0106

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder at Work: Does It Impact Job Performance?
Authors: Nikos Bozionelos and Giorgos Bozionelos
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2013.0107

Executive Compensation: Is It Better to be Lucky than Good?
Authors: John A. Martin and Brian C. Payne
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2013.0092

May 2013

How Does Empowerment Work In High And Low Power-Distance Cultures?
Authors: Dean B. McFarlin and Jean-Francois Coget
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2013.0063

Transformation Leadership: When Is It Redundant?
Author: David C. Wyld
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2013.0064

Bringing Performance Down To Earth: Can Venus (Marketing) Align With Mars (Information Technology)?
Author: Paul D. Sweeney, University of Dayton
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2013.0065

Controlling and Unleashing Sales Professionals' Performance: Managers Need To Carefully Consider the Job Demands-Job Resources Tradeoff
Author: Paul D. Sweeney, University of Dayton
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2013.0066

February 2013

Bad Employees or Bad Policies: What Can Organizations Do To Stop Misuse Of Information Technology Resources?
Authors: Alexander T. Jackson, Satoris S. Culbertson
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2013.0026

CEOs Who Are Servant Leaders: The Path To Better Firm Performance?
Authors: Edgar E. Kausel, Satoris S. Culbertson
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2013.0027

What Makes Workers Happy In Former Socialist Economies: Does East Now Meet West?
Author: Jean-Francois Coget
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2013.0028

Motivating CEOs To Focus On Customer Satisfaction: Is Long-Term Compensation The Answer?
Authors: Xiaodong Qiu, James A. Largay III
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2013.0029

November 2012

Rough Year For The Firm: Should Quick Governance Changes Be The Response?
Authors: John Martin; Brian Payne
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2012.0152

Russian Acquisitions: Is There a Path To Success?
Authors: John Martin; James Combs
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2012.0153

Is Selection the Answer for Encouraging more Employee Autonomy?
Author: Stuart Sidle
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2012.0156

Executive Voice: A Crystal Ball for Truth?
Author: Stuart Sidle
DOI: 10.5465/amp.2012.0155

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