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Interested in volunteering as a reviewer? Be sure to check out the reviewer guidelines and resources for additional information. The sign-up process takes less than 10 minutes and allows you to select two Divisions or Interest Groups and review no more than three assignments per division. The reviewer sign-up system will open in early December at the same time as the Submission Center, and the review period is 22 January – 20 February.

Benefits of Reviewing for the Annual Meeting

  • Reviewers gain visibility for themselves and their institutions.
  • Reviewing gives you an opportunity to be pro-active in the Academy's program planning process.
  • It is a way to give back to your professional community.
  • It is a way to learn about what constitutes excellent and interesting work.

We encourage you to volunteer to review for at least one Division or Interest Group (DIG) or for TLC@AOM. To sign up, please visit the Centralized Reviewer System. Simply select a sponsor and use the keywords to indicate your special areas of knowledge and interest. You can sign up to review for up to 2 DIGs. For each of the DIGs you select, you may be asked to review up to 3 total submissions. So, the maximum number of review assignments that you could receive is six (6).

As a reviewer, you will be required to complete your assigned reviews between January 22, 2020 - February 20, 2020, so please plan your time accordingly.


Early December 2019      Reviewer Sign-up System Opens
Early December 2019    Submission Center Opens
14 January 2020 Deadline for ALL Submissions (Effective 5:00 PM ET, NY Time)
22 January 2020 Reviews Assigned
20 February 2020      Deadline to Complete Reviews


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