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AcadeMY News showcases news and stories from the members and groups of the Academy of Management.

AcadeMY News: The Academy of Management Newsletter

AcadeMY News is the Academy of Management's interactive electronic newsletter for members. Each issue offers timely and relevant content from across our membership communities, providing a unique opportunity for members to learn about what's happening around the Academy through the diverse voices of its contributors. Updates from the divisions and interest groups and across our greater global network of management scholars make AcadeMY News an invaluable resource for members to access association news and featured content, celebrate and share in the recognition of outstanding colleagues, and connect to events, activities and opportunities.

AcadeMY News is mailed directly to Academy members, allowing groups to share information and promote initiatives to a broad audience. Divisions, interest groups, committees and other leadership communities are encouraged to use this important communication tool to share updates on annual meeting program activities, new membership and engagement initiatives, volunteer leadership opportunities, nominations and elections, teaching resources, awards and recognition programs and other interesting developments.

For more information about AcadeMY News, or to submit an item for consideration, please contact the Newsletter Editorial Team.

Current Issue: March 2020


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